Horoskopi per muajin Dhjetor 2008

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As the month begins, you are more than ready to put your head down and do some serious thinking. What are you thinking about? How about everything -- your career and goals, your hopes and dreams -- even your nearest and dearest, and how much they mean to you. Basically, you're thinking about the world at large and your place in it. Sounds like pretty heavy stuff, right? It is -- but starting to understand yourself on some of these levels will only benefit you in the future. If you're stuck, turn to a trusted friend for advice. On the 4th and 5th, you confront a problem. Whether you haven't called your best friend in over a month and now they're mad, or your disorganized files finally collapse in a big mess on the floor, this is a healthy reminder to tend to something you've neglected. Persevere on the 10th. On the 15th, spend the day cooking -- literally or figuratively. You'll be ready to take on a new project on the 20th. On the 25th, an old idea strikes you in a new way. Put on your party shoes on the 31st -- but do watch your step on the way to that party!


Greet the last month of the year with a feeling of well-being. What is this 'oneness with the universe' stuff all about? All that hard, emotional work you've been doing is really starting to pay off. From confronting old blocks to removing current ones, you've been dealing with feelings of insecurity that often hold people back -- even opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. On the 5th, you're in the mood for a group activity; all you need to do is get organized -- there's a group out there just waiting for you to give the word! On the 9th and 10th, a lovely little love note is waiting for you. Look carefully: It could be where you least expect it! Even if it's just the universe sending you your own beautiful snowflake, this missive carries a lot of meaning. On the 15th, a power struggle with a family member will only get you down, so avoid it. On the 19th, have a good time and get plenty of exercise! By the 23rd, you're in a possessive mood; work hard on letting go -- there's enough joy to go around! Plan your party outfit on the 28th and then celebrate on the 31st! You're surrounded by friends.



Is there an element of confusion in your life that you just can't seem to shake? Do you feel like, no matter what you do, there's something you just don't get? On the 1st, it's time to devote all your energy into nailing this thing down. What is it, exactly, that's eluding you? Once you ask the question, you might realize that you're not really sure. And it's just this amorphousness that's helping keep you in the dark! Once you've simply identified the source of the confusion, you're more than halfway to resolving it. After all, now you know what questions to ask! On the 3rd, a new point of view comes in mighty handy. Your friends and family have great advice for you on the 7th. You're feeling great on the 11th -- revel in it. On the 17th, somebody could misinterpret you, so stay away from unnecessarily complex discussions. On the 23rd, slow down and the answer to the deeper questions will come to you. (Here's a hint: It has to do with peace, love and understanding). On the 28th, clarify anything that's unclear, when it comes to New Year's plans. Tap into your creativity on the 31st: It's not every day you celebrate the New Year!


You'll need to make an extra effort to make sure everyone is on the same page on the 1st. This is as true in your personal life as it is in your professional. A fundamental misperception or miscommunication could really throw you off, and that's the last thing you need right now. Clear the air and, by the 3rd, the people around you will really applaud you for your flexibility -- especially in the face of trying situations! On the 7th, a little friction with an authority figure could be just the motivation you need to wrap up a project. You're receptive to suggestion on the 9th and 10th. Whether this is good or bad depends on the quality of the suggestion, so examine it carefully before you commit. On the 15th, you shine -- and you sure light up the room! Be careful when it comes to new projects on the 20th; they might be great, but if you let them ripen on the vine a little, they could get even better. On the 23rd, emotions are intense. Find balance on the 28th. On the 31st, have a great night out with friends!


Your ego may be bellowing 'feed me' on the 1st, but now is exactly the time when you shouldn't give into that hungry ego. The more it consumes, the hungrier it gets, so try a new approach: Put your ego on a healthy, well-rounded diet. Mix some 'compliments' with 'a realistic take on things' and add a healthy dose of 'care and concern for your fellow human beings.' Ingest regularly and leave plenty of time for digestion. Oh, and don't forget to exercise! You and your ego will feel better if your body is in good shape. On the 5th, all that glitters is not gold and every offer on the table isn't quite as profitable as it may appear. Do some thorough research before you commit to anything. On the 9th and 10th, go ahead and spoil yourself a little -- make sure it's something that's good for you, a little sinfulness can be delightful. When was the last time you were at a spa? Or a chocolate tasting? On the 15th, you achieve something important. Romance keeps things interesting on the 20th. You're having a great time on the 25th -- soak up the good vibes! On the 30th, don't let a little complaint fester. On the 31st, keep your cool and you'll have a thoroughly enjoyable night


If you're single, you have a good chance of encountering somebody particularly cute at work on the 1st. If you're taken, you could encounter them, anyway. Luckily, you'll have so much in common with this person that a platonic friendship is a real possibility, too. On the 3rd, your key word is: Constructive. Whether you're building a shopping mall or a new relationship, you need to register your complaints in a positive way. On the 9th, take a trip with someone you feel close to. Even if it's just across town, it will do you good to broaden your horizons. On the 14th, you're organizing an event for family or friends and -- as usual -- you're thriving! You're good at this stuff. But don't forget: If somebody wants to organize something for you, you should let them. Why not take a little break, for a change? You're feeling fantastic on the 18th. Really soak up the season with ice skating, night strolling or snowboarding. On the 22nd, apply your listening skills to the situation and success will ensue. Family comes first on the 25th, but that doesn't mean your feelings aren't important. On the 30th, try a new look. Plans could change quickly on the 31st -- embrace the change!


How are you feeling on the 1st? If the answer is 'a little weird,' it's definitely important for you to get to the bottom of this. Weird, how? Tired? Cranky? Confused? Fuzzy-headed? Two-left-footed? Unprepared? Over prepared? All dressed up with no place to go? Once you've pinpointed what exactly you're feeling, get to the bottom of why you're feeling that way. By the 2nd, you'll already sense relief in the air. You could also find yourself embroiled in a pretty exciting romance! What could be better? How about solving a little problem that disrupts your day on the 5th with grace and panache that impresses absolutely everybody? You are a smooth operator, this month! On the 10th, being overly possessive is not the best way to show your love for and appreciation of someone. On the 15th, stay focused on the big picture. You could receive a very lovely holiday present on the 20th. Is it the tenderness and care of someone you hold dear? On the 25th, try to push beyond a few of your old emotional limitations. Somebody gives you a kiss on the 30th -- so, on the 31st, kiss them back. Happy New Year!


When you smile on the 1st, the world smiles back at you -- and it looks like you're smiling all day long! So don't be surprised if all kinds of good things keep happening in your immediate vicinity. On the 3rd, it's definitely time to tackle that domestic issue head on. Is your partner feeling neglected? Talk about it (that's half the battle won, already!). Is your Aunt Myrtle peeved because you're skipping her cider party to schmooze at a work conference? Drop by for a cider tete-a-tete and she'll forgive you. On the 7th, be sure you've checked up on any lingering aches and pains, particularly when it comes to your teeth. On the 13th, be sure to ask for what you want. Be kind to a stranger on the 17th. On the 23rd, a sense of goodwill pervades the atmosphere. Make like a sponge -- absorb it! You could make a big decision on the 26th. Is the time right for an emotional risk? On the 29th, clear up any misunderstandings to set the stage for an excellent new year. Tap into your dreams on the 31st -- then make them a reality!

Reach down into your wallet on the 1st. Skip the bills and make for the pennies. Okay! Take on between your forefinger and thumb and -- pinch! That's right, pinch as hard as you can, until your fingers get a little bit sore! Okay, now, every time you feel that unconquerable urge to buy something really expensive that you don't need, pick up that penny and -- pinch! Think of it as a little pneumonic device to remind you to save money. On the 5th, if you're feeling drowsy, get some more sleep (sounds simple? It is!). By the 10th, you really, really want to go swimming. If you really want to go swimming, then go! Same goes for running, walking, snowboarding and cross-country skiing -- and any other exercise that strikes your fancy! The more active you are, the better you'll feel. On the 15th and 16th, take a trip. Whether you're traveling near or far, it will help you get into the holiday spirit. On the 22nd, pay attention to your dreams. Enjoy the day on the 25th-- it's a good one! By the 30th, you're ready to talk to anybody about anything. On the 31st, take some time to reflect on the year past, and then celebrate the one to come!


The month gets off to a pretty wonderful start. You've been working hard, and your goals are in sight. So is a little well-deserved R-and-R, for that matter! In addition, you're feeling well loved: You're surrounded by dear friends and supportive family members and you should feel free to relax and bask in the glow of their tender loving care. On the 3rd, turn your attention towards your finances. There could be a good deal of gift giving coming up, and you want to make sure you've budgeted appropriately. On the 7th, don't worry too much if you're feeling a bit torn when it comes to your career and your family obligations. It's never easy to balance these things, especially during periods (like right now) when both are plenty demanding! On the 12th, a couple of hangers-on could be dragging along on your coattails. Shake them. You accomplish something major on the 17th. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat! On the 22nd, the finishing details -- a bold typeface font here, a lemon zest garnish there -- make the difference. The 27th is a charmed day. Your intuition leads you to just the right party on the 31st!

No matter how much you want to skip your workout and fudge your timesheets on the 1st, don't. One more day of strict self-discipline will bring the payoff you've been waiting for down the road. Refuse to give into the 'I just don't wannas' and the 'I just don't really feel like its,' and you'll be getting your month off to an excellent start. By the 2nd and 3rd, you'll already be seeing the benefits, in the form of your great energy, fantastic ideas and overall sense of calm. Oh, and you look great, too! By the 8th, you have an astounding idea. Do you want to move to the tropics? Or introduce a whole new line of environmentally friendly baby products to your company's offerings? No matter what it is, your idea is good. On the 12th, don't bother with those earmuffs -- there is some pretty toasty romance coming your way, and it's bound to heat things up! Tread softly when criticizing holiday party plans on the 18th. Feelings are tender. On the 23rd, if you're ruminating on your career, go ahead and put those thoughts on the back burner. Now's the time to focus on the personal. On the 28th, you make an important connection. Figure out how to celebrate in style on the 31st -- without breaking the bank.


If a piece of good news comes your way on the 1st, take a moment to ask yourself which one of your many well-placed friends helped you out. Then write them a discreet thank you note! Everybody loves to do a good deed, and appreciates a 'thank you' when they do. The 5th is a great day, for you. You're really getting into the season. Whether you're hearing sleigh bells or 'surf's up!' you're loving the positive energy that surrounds you. On the 10th, a love letter brightens your day. How do you want to respond to it? On the 15th, you could have one of those days when you're daydreaming one minute and falling asleep at your desk the next. Why not tuck in under said desk for a quick catnap? Once you're refreshed, you'll be able to focus on turning those daydreams into reality. Square up your accounts on the 20th. Who owes you what? And what do you owe to whom? Once that's cleared away, you can focus on finding the perfect gift for all of the folks on your list. You're in for a lucky day on the 25th. Avoid conflict if possible. On the 30th, get some exercise and then, on the 31st, you end the year on a fantastically up note!



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