Horoskopi per muajin Janar 2009

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There's no point in dragging yourself out of bed too early on the 1st -- the year gets off to a slow start, so sleep in. If you want to accomplish a lot, you'll be frustrated, so just give in and go with the flow. Tap into your dreams and let some vague projects for the future slowly take shape. You'll be rested up, creatively regenerated and ready to go by the 3rd. You are in terrific shape, too, on the 4th. Don't forget that flirting is an art on the 8th: Would you rather be an art historian or an artist? Stop studying and start practicing! On the 13th, take your time to avoid problems -- rushing to the office could lead to a fender bender, so keep your cool! Your emotions could get the better of you on the 18th (so take the bus to work!). On the 23rd, you need to stay grounded -- otherwise, you put your projects at risk. You encounter a few more problematic situations on the 28th, but take it easy and they'll pass. On the 30th, you'll wrap up the month with some fantastic news.



You're in a very dreamy place as the year gets started. Not dreamy-flaky or dreamy-in-love: Nope, on the 1st and 2nd, you're dreaming big. You're coming up with big plans, grand ideas and revolutionary new principles. You're engaging the world in a whole new way and imagining it as a whole different place. Stick to these dreams this year and you'll see them become a reality -- so dream on! On the 5th, you're feeling downright content. Is it that you're so well loved, or so well dressed? Perhaps both? Take the plunge on the 10th. Which plunge, you ask? The romantic one, of course! You need to bring a little more excitement to your workout on the 15th and 16th. After all, if you're bored at the gym, you're a lot more likely to skip it. Tango lessons, anyone? Now who is that moody green monster consumed by jealousy on the 19th? Oh my goodness -- could it be you?! Calm down by going for a nice, long run. On the 24th, you're feeling a lot more grounded, but you'll be dreaming again on the 28th. Wrap up the month on the 30th by resolving to slow down




Don't fret if things look a little blurry first thing in the morning on the 1st. Just roll back over and sleep for another hour, then treat yourself to a big breakfast. Make sure there's fresh squeezed orange juice, too! You deserve it. Give yourself a little room to relax as the year gets started, and you'll be doing things just right. You're ready to talk about your plans, if not quite ready to start enacting them, on the 3rd. On the 7th, you'll really get into the swing of things -- you have a ton of energy, so channel it wisely and you'll be well on your way to success. Prepare for a super day on the 12th. On the 16th, someone with decidedly romantic intentions intends to behave romantically towards you and you'll be pretty clear about how you want to respond by the 17th. On the 21st, subtle persuasion, not preaching, is the way to get what you want. Consider a totally new point of view on the 25th. On the 30th, host a dinner party: Cooking for friends will make you happy!



Your New Year gets off to a very 'new energy' kind of start on the 1st. You feel fresh, hopeful and strong -- ready to take on the world, and you will! Eat a healthy breakfast, do a good, sweaty workout and spend some quality time with close friends. Don't worry: You'll still have time to plan your year's biggest moves. On the 5th and 6th, the crazier your concept, the bigger its chances for success, so go wild! You are ready to unveil your fantastic new plan on the 10th. On the 14th, you're in full communication mode, so say whatever has been on your mind all this time. You could be feeling a little bit insecure on the 19th, but don't undersell yourself -- particularly when it comes to taking on a work project. You can do this! On the 24th, you are more than ready to work a little more balance into your life. Go to yoga, go for a swim, start weight training -- you can't live a purely intellectual life, after all! You'll already be feeling more intuitive on the 29th. On the 30th, slow down!



The 1st is a better day for art than it is for finance -- which is good, considering most banking institutions will be closed. It'll be better for you to be outside, strolling the sculpture gardens, instead of holing up in your study to restructure your year's spending plans. Yes, this is important work, but now isn't the time. On the 5th, focus on your reputation: Has a colleague been spreading rumors about your competence? Oh, that's nasty! On the 6th, nip those nasty ideas on the bud. You really want to turn your intuition into concrete projects on the 10th. You can, if you persevere -- give up too quickly, however, and it will all turn out for naught. On the 15th, a work relationship takes a very romantic turn. What are you going to do about this? Well, the 20th is very romantic so...it looks like you've chosen romance! The question is, with whom? You are wrapped up in some pretty serious relationship issues on the 25th. How much longer can things go on like this? On the 30th, end the month with a decision.



The 1st gives you the chance to immediately implement your New Year's resolution to not be overly critical -- when you wake up to find a great big post-party mess. Sure, there are party hats in the sink and plastic champagne flutes on the floor, but take a deep breath and remind yourself of your resolution: Be constructive. Don't be afraid to delegate, just don't give into the urge to nag. You'll be proud of your progress on the 5th and 6th, especially when you notice an overall sense of calm pervading your environment -- thanks to your diminished critique. On the 11th and 12th, you want to be organized, but something is getting in your way. Is it your desire to go skiing? Why not give in? You might want to lock up your credit cards on the 17th, since a whole lot of luxury items will look indispensable (they aren't). On the 21st, take a risk -- you won't be sorry. Being open-minded and experimental will only enhance your life on the 27th. There's always time to go to an experimental dance performance! Don't let a problem with a co-worker ruin your day on the 30th -- turn it into a learning experience


As the year gets started, 'harmony' is your middle name. You're bringing people together and decorating the table just so. You're dishing up 'peace pancakes' and 'welcome home waffles,' pouring 'be merry maple syrup' by the gallon and spreading globs of 'be-beautiful butter' on them! Yep, you're dousing your environment with goodwill and at-oneness. Wow! The people around you are so lucky. You provoke even more happiness and contentedness (and maybe even a little romance!) on the 5th and 6th. On the 10th, don't be too bent out of shape by a disruption (in the form of a problem) that shakes up your plans. Something (or someone) will come to your rescue. On the 19th, you're feeling a little selfish, so if it's been awhile since you've put yourself first, indulge. A slight case of the blues could keep you inside on the 23rd. That's okay, as long as you run a nice, hot bath. You're feeling better by the very romantic 25th. On the 30th, end the month with a commitment to some serious one-on-one time.




On the 1st, the sky is the limit as far as your imagination is concerned. You've got all day to dream up whatever you want, so if your thoughts wander in the direction of what you want to see happen for yourself this year, let them. Your innate creativity could show you a few very remarkable possibilities! And if they flit and float from one thing to another without any definitive goal, let them do that, too -- you're sure to come up with something awesome. You'll be a little trigger-happy on the 3rd and 4th, but do your best to keep your temper under control. On the 9th, your intellectual drive propels you toward new horizons, where you'll discover things no one has discovered before. Whether you're a scientist or a poet, this is big stuff. You hear a rumor that troubles you on the 14th -- check out its veracity discreetly (you don't want to inadvertently add fuel to the fire). You're on top of the world on the 19th when a very cute person delivers some very good news. Single? Get their number. Taken? Smile appreciatively. On the 24th, you know your ideas are good, so why don't you stand up for them? You have real insight into a personal relationship on the 25th. On the 30th, don't let that old temper get the best of you!




If it's hard to get going on the morning of the 1st, chalk it up to a late night and give yourself permission to take a nap. After all, what could be better than using the first day of the New Year to get in some serious relaxation? Try a nice cup of tea before you go to bed, too -- green tea might be best! By the 3rd, you'll be rested and raring to go. Keep your eyes out for the first mountain you can find -- then go climb it! You'll be ready to get to work on the 8th, though you might not get quite as much accomplished as you'd hoped. Stay cool. Your already high levels of optimism will only increase as things keep going well on the 12th. On the 17th, your friends really like you, which is why they always want to see you! You need to say 'no' once in awhile, though, in order to get your work done. Look out for a very positive development on the 22nd. Somebody thinks you're pretty great! On the 27th, don't get so involved in chitchatting with your neighbor that you're late to an appointment. Get outside on the 30th!



You're off to a good start to the year on the 1st. How so? Why, you already impress the people around you! The New Year has just begun, but you're making a very positive impression. Is it that bell pepper and sardine omelet you whipped up from the New Year's Eve party leftovers? Is it your bright smile or your panache? Regardless, you're a big hit. On the 5th and 6th, invite your little nieces and nephews, your neighbor's kids or your boss' godson to the zoo. Children are always a blast and right now you'll have a ball seeing the world through their eyes. A business problem must be addressed on the 12th. Tackle this thing head-on and don't take 'no' for an answer (unless that's the answer you want). On the 16th, tap your network and make a connection. You'll be ready to try something new -- whether it's a restaurant or a romance -- on the 21st. In fact, you might go for a new romance in a new restaurant! Why not? On the 26th, an open mind will serve you better than an open pocketbook, so close your wallet and keep your ears open. Write a love song on the 30th -- then sing it!


It's okay to wake up on the 1st and make a whole bunch of plans to redecorate the apartment, revamp your wardrobe and get a professional photographer to take your portrait in case you want to put your photo on your new business cards. But before you take out your credit card -- stop! All these plans are great, but don't over-commit financially. This year, take things one at a time and you'll accomplish it all before the year is up. On the 5th, go out to lunch with an elderly relative or neighbor. They'll appreciate you taking time to meet with them and you'll learn something extremely interesting! You need to pay more attention to your feelings on the 10th. On the 15th, don't be aloof -- be more of a goof, and you'll see how well people relate to you. You're in a good position to make an important connection on the 20th, so get connected! The 25th and 26th are charmed days for you, particularly when it comes to how brilliantly you present your ideas. On the 30th, you end the month with a particularly avant-garde idea. Implement it!



Your New Year could not get off to a better start, beginning with the stroke of midnight on the 1st. There are a lot of important things happening both around and within you -- and it sure looks like whoever you're kissing is pretty much the person with whom you want to share your whole life. Wow. All that is topped only by the sheer wonderfulness of brunch the next day. Spend the whole afternoon in your pajamas, or run a marathon -- whatever you choose can't be wrong! The 2nd is more of the same, but if all of this intensity seems to hit you like a ton of bricks, take a step back on the 7th. Compose a little poetry. Don't be afraid to question. Use your intuition -- and trust it. On the 13th, give an undernourished relationship some much-needed attention and if a problem comes up in this relationship on the 17th, you need to pick a path. Do you try to resolve this, or do you walk away? You're lucky on the 22nd. Be realistic on the 25th and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Good news arrives on the 28th and again on the 29th. Wrap up the month with a riddle -- you can solve it!



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edi 18 January, 2009 10:40:47
po shqip nuk mund ta shkruanit kete horoskopin ju apo eshte anglez ai qe e shkruajti...
AFRIMI 19 January, 2009 04:19:33
mir ata qe din angelisht se e lexojn po ata qe din shqip si mund ta lexojn
Edlira Duka 19 January, 2009 04:46:08
Keni shume te drejte. Ne te vertete Redaksia jone po punon dhe duke filluar qe nga Muaji Shkurt 2009 HOROSKOPI do te publikohet VETEM ne gjuhen shqipe.

Ju faleminderit per mirekuptimin

arisa 31 January, 2009 02:29:12
po mir vetem horoskopin e 19 janar 2009 do shof une n.q.s e keni vene re jemi ne 29 janar 2009 ne kot fare.....
Indrit Sulaj 31 January, 2009 02:54:18
Horoskopi qe publikohet ne Fieri.com mbulon gjithe muajin Janar 2009.

Lexo mire titullin!!!

blerim pula 07 February, 2009 04:28:41
kenaqsia ime esht qe oroskopi te jet ne gjuhen shqipe.dhe jo ne anglisht
edi 10 February, 2009 01:44:42
zonja EDA,ju pak me larte keni thene se duke filluar nga MUAJI SHKURT 2009 HOROSKOPI do te publikohet VETEM ne gjuhen shqip!!!!!!ju faleminderit per punen e lodhshme qe keni bere...
Aldo 14 February, 2009 05:24:25
rufl rufl rufl :P ku eshte serioziteti i fieri.com ketu? apo copy paste :P~ damn u guys are useless
Edlira Duka 14 February, 2009 11:42:19
Mua me duket se "useless" je ti ALDO qe nuk lexon komentet dhe deklaraten e mesiperme.

Po serioziteti jot ku eshte? Ku ngelet?

Horoskopi i muajit Shkurt eshte Startimi ne gjuhen shqipe te Rubrikes se HOROSKOPIT mujor.

EDlira Duka
brikela 25 February, 2009 10:35:25
sikur jemi 25shkurt sot apo do kthehet ne shqip kur te vemi ne mars
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