Horoskopi per Muajin MARS 2009

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What do you really value in life? Are you somebody who loves risk, or the kind of person who prefers stability? Do you seek to strike a balance between the two? What does stability mean to you, anyway? How do you define risk? The answers are different for everybody -- someone's risk is someone else's ho-hum, and the definition of stability changes from person to person. Spend some time on the 1st and 2nd thinking about these issues, and don't forget to define your terms. By the very daring 7th, you might be ready to throw caution to the wind when a paradigm-shifting opportunity comes your way. Go for it. Luck is on your side! Keep your cool, no matter how moody you might be feeling on the 13th and 14th. You'll make better decisions if you don't give in to melancholy. After all, a downer mood makes for a downer decision, and the whole thing just spirals south from there. You'll need to slow down on the 19th and 20th. Sometimes it does pay to consider things carefully, and you can only do that with enough time. You've got great opinion-changing energy the 25th. Change someone's opinion with it, and you could change your life! Keep the great flirtatious vibe going strong on the 30th.

You know how, sometimes, things just get off on the right foot? You don't know why, but you wake up feeling cheery and hopeful, your breakfast cereal is just right, your boss gives you the afternoon off and you come away from the gym feeling like that was time well spent. Then you go home to a lovely home-cooked meal and the company of one of your favorite people, before rolling into bed and falling into a deep, untroubled sleep. Well your whole month starts off on the right foot on the 1st. You may not know why everything is going so darned well, but it is -- and it feels great. Take time to enjoy it, you're in for lots of goodies as spring arrives. On the 5th and 6th, if you don't speak up for yourself, no one will, so open your mouth already. You're in a whole new routine on the 11th and 12th. What? Are you finding it dull already? It's up to you to shake things up on the 17th, when all that glitters is not gold (so don't bank on it!). You are too smart to get tricked. You're ready to scuffle if you don't get your way on the 23rd. Good for you. Take it to the next level with a romantic partner, the lovely and loving 28th. On the 30th, don't let indecision triumph..

Cultivate something on the 1st. It could be anything: cabbage, rutabagas, an herb garden, a new relationship, patience. Whatever it is you choose to work on, make sure you get your hands dirty with the earthy process of nurturing something new into being. You'll enjoy it and it'll set just the right tone for the rest of the month! You're feeling well rested and ready to embark on something brand new on the 3rd and 4th. What will it be? Chances are, whatever you start now will grow into a major part of your life. There's a lot of brain chatter clogging your mind on the 9th and 10th. Take deep breaths and do your best to focus. Chatter is not particularly good for making clear-headed decisions. You could have a very helpful insight into a minor but chronic health problem someone near you has been experiencing on the 15th. Be sure to share your insights! On the 19th and 20th, a problem at work slows you down. Don't worry about it -- fix it! You could be in for a few more professional problems on the 23rd and 24th. Don't sweat them. Take some time to check in on your herb garden (cabbage patch, patience-building) on the 28th. How is it going? Well? Not so? On the 30th, you feel great.

There are days when you don't really feel like coming out of your shell, and then there are days, like the 1st, when you'd just as soon don a lampshade and stay up all night long laughing, chatting and backslapping. You want to dance, sing and do everything! You just can't get enough of your fellow human beings -- so give in to the urge to get social! It's sure to pay off handsomely, both in terms of emotional gratification and networking. You're at the height of your energetic powers on the 5th and 6th. You look good, you feel good and it seems like everybody likes you! There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, there's a lot that's right about it! You want some changes to be made in the way your household is run on the 11th. Well, nobody is going to instigate these changes but you -- so get to it! On the 16th, your co-worker's budget requests might come first. Don't be resentful. By the 19th, a colleague's extreme behavior is worrisome. Approach them about it. You're very much in tune with a loved one on the 23rd, and they love it. On the 28th and 29th, get out that lampshade again -- put on your party shoes and practice your dance moves, you're ready to interact!

It's time for you to really put a lot into your career this month, starting the 1st. You're ready to take it to the next level, but it won't get there unless you roll up your sleeves, put your head down, get some traction and push! If you've been working up a good sweat at work, you're entitled to a nice relaxing evening with friends on the 4th -- but don't get too wild. It could be time to tighten the belt on the 9th and 10th: You're ready to explore and begin some long-term savings strategies -- it won't hurt to be more economical and, right now, it could help a lot. Thanks to your regular workout routine, you've got a newfound sense of calm and quiet that could put a long-entrenched family dynamic in a new light on the 15th. What will you do with this information? Don't forget on the 20th that any well-oiled career should include time for physical exercise. You're in this for the long haul, so get to the gym! Your instincts are right on when you sense a toothy, long-tailed rodent lurking in a business proposition. Don't sign. It's not a good deal if you smelled a rat. Plan a lovely night out with friends on the 30th. You've all worked hard this month!

Is there somebody you just really, really enjoy spending time with? Somebody you would love to call up and invite out for an impromptu pasta dinner and lots of fun, deep conversation? Well, what are you waiting for? Call them up on the 1st and ask them out. Whether it's a long-time partner, a new interest, a sibling or a friend, you should spend some time with this person. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Go through all your old files on the 5th and 6th. Toss what needs to be tossed and color code the rest. You have the urge to splurge on the 12th. Why not satisfy that urge with a year's gym membership, rather than a brand new TV? After all, it will do you a whole lot more good to be in good shape physically than it will to have watched all the new season's sitcoms in high definition. If you don't want to get what you want, keep your mouth shut on the 14th. If you want to get what you want, though, by all means -- say something! You're in a good position to make a little romantic headway on the 19th and then, on the 28th, you're in a great spot for taking a relationship problem (or two) head on. Will you have a good day or a bad day on the 30th? It's all up to you!

Whatever you do on the 1st, don't overindulge. Be it chocolate cake or sentimentality, it's imperative that you know when to say when as the month begins. You're ready to splurge a little, though, on the 3rd and if you don't go totally overboard, a little sinfulness will do you good. What about a long workout, followed by a little slice of delicious devil's food chocolate cake? That's a good compromise! On the 7th, your friendships finally win out over work. Cook up a spring-greens meal for them! They'll forgive you for having been such a workaholic all winter long. You're in a terrific position to get a promotion on the 12th -- and you could get a great big kiss, too! Channel your abundant expressive impulses into, well, self-expression on the 17th. You'll feel a lot better if you can make yourself clearly heard! Be on the lookout for candy hearts and red roses on the 23rd. Sure, Valentine's Day was last month, but Cupid's arrow is as potent, apparently, as ever! It's always the right time for romance, as you'll be convinced on the totally romantic 28th and 29th. By the 30th, you're ready to pour your heart out to this very special someone and they are more than ready to listen!

You're ready to play with fire come the 1st. If there's a power struggle, you want in. If there's a leadership position up for grabs, you're going to do your best to get it. As the month gets going, you are truly a force to be reckoned with, and woe to anybody who doesn't see that. Go ahead and revel in your strength and sense of accomplishment, but don't run over any innocent bystanders. By the 4th, you're going to need to slow down and proceed with more caution. You're as strong as ever, but you should temper strength with wisdom. Stay clear of a boss you're in no position to challenge on the 8th. It wont do you any good to lock horns now. Wait for a moment in which you might actually be able to win this thing. You could struggle with indecision on the 12th, but don't let that get you down. Those who never question themselves are the real weaklings. Go ahead and make it official on the 16th. You're right on the money on the 20th, so feel free to commit. Whether you decide to finger paint or color inside the lines, get creative on the 28th. Art making will stimulate all the right brain waves. Hold your bets on the 30th -- especially if you're playing with other people's money.


The way to the heart is through the stomach, and that's as true about cholesterol and clogged arteries as it is about love. Focus on your diet on the 1st: What are you putting into your body and what's your body getting out of it? If you're eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, natural cereals, yogurt, a good portion of protein and the like, you're in great shape (and so is your heart -- literally and figuratively). If you're downing doughnuts, processed meats, chips and ice cream sundaes, you're not doing yourself any favors. A junky diet makes you feel junky, and that makes it harder for you to let romance into your life. Change your diet this month and you'll change your life forever. Get going by the 5th, no matter what (or who) stands in your way. Don't let an authority figure upset you on the 10th. If you're feeling a little bit sluggish and moody on the 14th and 15th, get some more sleep. Big changes, especially to something as fundamental as your diet, take a lot out of you. Go basic on the 20th, in every part of your life. Gather around the table with friends and reminisce on the 25th. Keep busy on the 30th and you won't be tempted to cheat on your healthy new diet.

Indulge yourself on the 1st. Not on too much Rocky Road ice cream, but with a long romp in the woods with a few of your favorite people and some kids. There's nothing like watching a child's delight at the wonders of nature to put you in a good mood. Afterwards, head to the old-fashioned drug store on the corner for that scoop of Rocky Road, fountain style. How sweet things are, sometimes. You'll need to really focus if you want to get any meaningful work done on the 4th. Somebody is holding a butter knife behind their back on the 8th. Are they getting ready to help make bite-sized salmon bagels for the meeting or do they want to metaphorically stab you in the back? Be on your guard (but don't worry, it's not sharp). If work is frustrating you, focus on your personal relationships on the 12th. It never hurts to check in with friends and a couple of your close friends or loved ones could use a little TLC, so they'll appreciate your attention. Plan your future carefully on the 17th -- these plans could come to fruition quicker than you think. Watch your money on the 22nd, but don't worry too much on the 27th. Cut to the chase on the 30th. You'll be glad you did.

What's the most important thing for you to do on the 1st? Yes, brush your teeth and floss first, but right after that, get on the phone (or better yet, in the car) and contact an older relative. This person has tons of wild stories about bygone days, and you'll get a huge kick out of hearing them. You might get one or two very useful pieces of advice, too. After all, you don't get to be 75 years old without having a couple of opinions! Keep smiling on the 4th and you could attract the attention of a very ardent admirer. Do keep your chin up through the trials and tribulations (the coffee pot malfunctioning, the computer system crashing and so forth) that could come your way on the 6th. You are ship shape, intellectually, on the 12th. Things are going really well on the 17th. It's almost as if all you have to do is open up, breathe deeply, visualize and whatever you wish for will come true. Try it! You never know. On the 22nd, a lot of wishes are coming true, so count your blessings and share the joy. You're in a very open space on the 27th and someone very offbeat catches your eye. Apply lip balm on the 30th. There could be kissing and you want your lips to be in supple shape!

There's a lot of lovey-dovey communication in store for you as the month begins, so open all your letters with high hopes. You basically can't expect too much on the 1st, since there's a great chance the contents of the envelope are just as romantic as you'd hoped! Don't overexert yourself on the 3rd and 4th. If you're feeling low, it's time for you to cancel a few plans and catch up on your beauty sleep or start reading a good book to maximize your relaxation. There's more romance in store on the 5th and 6th, so wear your favorite color. It brings out your eyes, and they'll notice. In fact, there is very little about you that escapes their attention. On the 11th, balance is the key to getting it all done. In other words, don't skip yoga to finish more work. You'll only get more stressed, so go to yoga and you'll be reinvigorated to work twice as hard. Luck is on your side on the 16th. Say thanks to show you're grateful. Help others on the 21st, but not to the point of self-depletion. The 25th is a day to rediscover and transform yourself -- if it sounds deceptively simple, that's because it is. Stay home and take a bubble bath on the 30th. Love requires relaxation!



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